Mexican Tile
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Our service of Mexican tile polishing services will vary depending on the condition & needs of your floor. Stripping Mexican tile or terracotta stripping is not always necessary and is very labor intensive if it is done properly. Having to strip is rare and scrubbing of Mexican tile is all that is needed. Stripping, due to the intensive labor, time & hazardous chemicals comes at a high cost to you. It is done each and every tile and grout line one by one by hand. We no longer provide stripping services for these reasons. Acid is used by many other companies. This will change the color of the Mexican tile or terracotta and damage the surface of your floor.

Most of the time a professional cleaning of Mexican tile, sealing & polishing Mexican tile is all that is necessary to give your floor a great appearance. Terracotta cleaning & terracotta polishing as well.

If Mexican tile stripping is absolutely necessary, we will let you know. We clean Mexican tile, re-seal and polish Mexican tile or polish terracotta with a minimum of ( 4 ) coats of a low gloss, semi gloss or high gloss finish. Exterior tile a low shine polyurethane or a penetrating sealer is used due to slippery conditions and can only be done in dry weather conditions. Whether you have Mexican saltillo tile, Spanish or Italian terracotta tile, we will provide the cleaning, sealing & polishing service that is right for you.